Insert Hacking Cough Here…and There

I cannot shake this cough. I was doing well. Made it through the winter months with not even a sniffle. Until Justin got it from hanging out with our nieces and nephews a few weeks back. Of course, once I thought he we done and I wasn’t going to get sick, well, we know how that goes. So I went home from work yesterday after being here for 20 minutes. Dumb I know, but I had to get something done and I just don’t trust anyone to do it yet.

The countdown is on to train people for my job. It’s not a hard job (well some days are), you just need creativity and a desire to get things done. And lots of organizing. And the ability to watch really boring shows. (Thankfully, not all of them are, but try watching something right after eating lunch and let me know if you stay awake.)

The plan is to get as much done before I’m out. Once I’m back, I’ll be ahead. And with the help from my two back-ups, things shouldn’t slow down much.

Next week, I fly out to Dayton, Ohio. Talk about a hot vacation destination! Actually, I’m going to meet Tony for WGI. I haven’t been in about 5 or 6 years and normally I see Tony a few times during the season. But since I’ve moved, I haven’t seen him in probably a year. So, I’m really out of the loop. I haven’t seen any shows or heard to expect anything awesome from…?

So, if you’re in Dayton too, let me know and we can meet up! I’ll be the pregnant chick sitting alone because Tony will be at judges training. But I’ll have his empty seat available for a guest/friend or for my big purse I’m bringing to sneak in treats or anything else I’ll need that they’ll probably overcharge me for.

(My co-worker used the phrase “meta-bomb” in a meeting. I think we all had the same “WTH” expression after he said it. I just searched for a description and can’t find anything on it. Does someone know what this fool meant? Did he get it confused with “google bomb?”)


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