One Giant Step in the Wrong Direction

My bed is in the living room. Our clothes are downstairs. The crib is still untouched, in pieces and in the living room. BUT! I managed to unpack the last office box. That room, is officially unpacked.

We’re getting our hardwood floors refinished in our bedrooms (ours and baby’s).

(BTW, can we say that Justin and I are 100% doing our part to spend money EVERYWHERE we can, including buying a house in a VERY unstable job market. And yet, we owed Minnesota taxes? How the? What the? Dumb Minnesota and your state taxes! Nevada isn’t looking too bad right about now. Everybody, move to Nevada – NO STATE TAXES! And I know of some great houses for sale.)

Anyway, that’s why I’m camping out in the living room. Scully doesn’t care. As long as her bed is by ours, she can sleep anywhere. We knew this day would come – moving out of our bedroom, into the living room. It’s just annoying. But, better do it now while the baby’s room is empty with no more stinky carpet (seriously, it STUNK) and while I’m able to help move things, we’re going for it.

(We could have moved into our spare room but it was downstairs, smelly (think, too many glade plug-ins courtesy of the previous owners leaving them everywhere) and I didn’t want to move our bed that far. Plus, there’s really nothing in the living room, it was easier.)

Justin suggested I start showing some before & after pictures of the projects we’ve done. Most have been started, only a few are finished. PLUS! There’s random furniture everywhere, which is impressive because we don’t HAVE any furniture. So until rooms are completely done, I’ll hold off on the photos.

None of this helps because I want to “nest.” That’s such a silly, dumb, stereo-typical term. I think I’m going to call it “get my house in order before baby arrives.” Much better. But for short, I’ll call it “unpacking.”

So, until further notice, no one is allowed to come over to my home. I’ll most likely be in bed, in the living room, or possibly unpacking.

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