As Seen on Pinterest: DIY Roman Shades

I’m starting a new series. Not like I had a series of anything in the past, unless you count my “Hot Tips” (you can find them here, here, here, here, here and here. They are surprisingly useful even though they were written years ago.). But I figured with the recent surge of Pinterest I would document my attempts at things I’ve found on Pinterest.

This isn’t anything new. There are sites out there documenting all the failed attempts people have when trying something they’ve seen on Pinterest. My use of Pinterest is probably what it was intended for originally – to pin things I want to reference later (not plan a wedding 🙂 ). I don’t repin a lot of stuff because you can easily search, plus most of it is stuff I’m never gonna do. That’s why my boards aren’t full.

So, onto my first “As Seen on Pinterest” post. These DIY roman shades were circulating on Pinterest and still pop up occasionally. I needed to jazz up my living room and I had ugly mini blinds so I thought this was the perfect project.


The directions were simple enough. Take your existing blinds, remove most of the plastic strips and the ladder cord, measure your fabric and window and spread out the remaining plastic strips, glue the fabric to the plastic strips and voila! No-sew roman shades!

The only change I made was adding the giant grommet for the blind pulls to stay forward. Plus I think they look cool with the white grommet.


I didn’t have any issues until I hung them. My blinds were a little older so there wasn’t any “snapping” them back in place. I had these little covers that I couldn’t use now because the fabric was in the way. I didn’t toss them but wasn’t sure what to do. So I pondered.

I’d put all this hard work into making roman shades that I didn’t want to cut the fabric. But, really, that’s what I had to do in order to not let this happen when I wanted to lower them:


That’s fun.

So I snipped a small section of the fabric just to slide the cover back on and now they don’t fall down when I close them.




This wasn’t a terribly difficult project and it does give the living room a new look. Anyone else try this project?


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