Hot Tip #1: Wedding Etiquette

It’s your first wedding, but you aren’t getting married. You’ve been invited to a friends wedding. Or it could be a co-workers but either way, there is etiquette that you should follow. It’s simple and if you follow it, you’ll have a great time at anybody’s wedding.

First off, always dress nice. Even if it says, “Join us while we get married under water!” If you’re a chick, wear a necklace. A guy, a tie. Think of it as going to church even though you probably haven’t gone in years. Don’t worry, you won’t burn the second you walk into the chapel. I’ve already tested that theory.

Don’t draw attention to yourself. Meaning: don’t wear white. That’s the brides job and she will take care of it just fine. She doesn’t need someone stealing her show. Guys, this goes for you too. Don’t wear white unless it’s a white button-down shirt with a tie. If you’ve got balls, a bow-tie will work too.

During the receiving line (or greeting line after the ceremony), don’t make rude comments like, “Your music wasn’t loud enough,” or “I really didn’t hear your vows very well.” This is a happy time, lie if you have too. “Oh what wonderful music and your vows were so original.” Keep the comments short and the kisses to a minimum because the happy couple have many people to receive. They can’t be spending all their time on you.

One of the most important rules is don’t get drunk at the reception. Just because it’s an open bar doesn’t mean you have to drink everything in sight. You’ll just embarrass yourself and the people who invited you. It just might be the last thing they’ll ever invite you to. So remember that. “Hmm, if I want to walk outta here, 7 cosmos should be enough.”

And if people look at you funny while you are dancing, you should stop. Especially if you dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. Oh man that’s some bad dancing. Just remember that a reception is a party for the couple and all their family and friends. So have fun and remember the rules. You just might be invited to another one. And if this is your wedding, you can get drunk.

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