Say What?

Justin and I have come across many interesting people, most of whom are right here in Las Vegas. What’s great about these people is we usually take home what they said to us and laugh about it. Then it turns into something we will say on a regular basis.

First off, a woman named Sweet: Sweet is just a nickname for….actually I have no clue what her real name it but everyone at his work calls her Sweet. When Justin first started working at The Selling Source, he did a lot of stuff for their call center where Sweet is the mother of all call centers. One time, when we were down to one car, I went to pick him up. I took Scully along for the ride. We pulled up and I got out to walk her while waiting for him to come out. Sweet was out with some other call center peeps and she said, “What kind dog that iz?” Just then Justin came out, “Min Pin.” “J-Dog, is that your dog?” “Yep,” Justin said. “Nuh-Huh, Nuh-Huh.” She kept saying. We just laughed and walked to the car.

Then late one night, I got a call, “Hello?” “Is J-dog there?” “Um, I think you’ve got the wrong number.” “Oh ok, no J-dog?” “Nope.” I hung up. Actually I couldn’t really understand her, she said it so fast. Then the phone rang again. “Hello?” “Um, Hi, I got this number for Justin.” “Is this Sweet?” “Ya (giggle)” “I’m sorry did you just call looking for ‘J-dog’?” “Ya that’s what I call him.” So I handed the phone to J-dog and say, “It’s Sweet, Nuh-Huh.”

Great Clips Chick: I have to remind Justin to get a hair cut. He’ll go when I’m reminding him everyday. So the first time he got his hair cut here in Las Vegas, he went to a Great Clips. He came back laughing as he walked in. “Nice and short, the way I like it. Looks good J-dog.” “Haha, the woman who cut my hair said ‘You look like a new man!'” After every hair cut, he looks like a new man and I make sure I say it.

The 7-11 lady: The week before Thanksgiving the show Medium had this 3D episode. I had never seen an episode and I wasn’t about to watch just because it was all like Michael Jackson’s movie at Disneyland. But Justin wanted to watch it. I told him that he could get the 3D glasses in TV Guide. So on Thanksgiving day we went driving around looking for that issue.

One of the last places we went to was a 7-11. I walked in, located the magazine rack past all the slot machines. I looked….nothing. So I started to walk out. The lady behind the counter said, “Are you looking for something?” “TV Guide?” “Naw, everyone wants those glaa-sses.” I smiled and walked out. I got to the car and he asked if they had it, I blurted out, “Naw, everyone wants those glaa-sses!”

Other 7-11 person: This actually happened in Denver, but we like to say it all the time. Justin and I drove from SLC to Denver to see a Drum Corps show. We went to the practice site of Phantome Regiment. It was hot out so we went to the gas station for some poweraide. He ran in while I waited in the cool car. He came out with the aides and laughed, “The guy behind the counter looked at my plate and said, ‘U-taah, HUH?'” So eventhough we don’t live in U-taah, HUH anymore, we still like to say it when we see a plate.

With each new encounter of someone, either at a 7-11 or at a Great Clips, we are bound to end up with a new comment in our relationship. J-dog is still looking for those glaa-sses though.


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