All I Want for Christmas is One More Week

Soon the days will consist of me actually getting up early and going somewhere. Yes I got a job but luckily I don’t start until January. Phew! I have one more week of sleeping in, lounging around in my pj’s, and eating breakfast at 2 pm. But what makes this week even more special is that it’s during Christmas. And during Christmas, all networks have some sort of marathon (NO NOT AGAIN!!) of a classic show, movie or event.

Ok to start: All night on Christmas Eve, TBS will show A Christmas Story. And I mean all night and through the next day. How can you go wrong. If you miss a part, don’t worry, it’ll be back on. And on and on and on. This will be a dream. I love it when they do that!

Also on TBS, they are doing some of the great Seinfeld episodes. Of course the Festavis for the rest of us will be shown. What’s Christmas without a classic Seinfeld (especially the Festavis episode). I wonder how they choose. It would be tough for me to choose. And only 2 hours…. that doesn’t leave much time for anything. So I’m probably going to watch all 4. It’s Christmas and my last week of maxing and relaxing.

And a classic that I love; Star Wars. What’s great about this is most channels show all three. But I don’t know if I’ll be looking forward to all 6. That’s just way too much Star Wars. Watching the first one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and I generally take a nap. It’s a good nap time movie. Don’t expect me to stay awake after the first 20 minutes. It won’t happen.

So with all the t.v., book reading, napping and game playing, my last week of non-working time will be great. But I do look forward to my first paycheck that isn’t from Unemployment. Oh what things I’ll buy. But for now, I’ll just enjoy my time and my cereal at 2 pm.


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