The Season of Amazing People

It’s great that the Christmas season brings out the best in people. And by Christmas season I also mean Holiday season. Since when did the term “Merry Christmas” bother so many? I am just amazed at how bent out of shape some people are over the meaning of it. Are you also bent out of shape about giving? Not necessarily giving of gifts, but giving of your time and heart to others? Dropping a buck or two in the red can? Smiling at someone who looks like they need it? I bet not because you might be too busy worrying over what to tell the check-out girl “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holiday’s”. It’s ok, we all get confused.

Before I moved to Las Vegas I was intimidated by Vegans (not the non-meat eating peeps). Every time I would visit they were rude on the road, rude in stores and even some of our friends were rude. But now I know why. We are all just transplants. Nobody is really from Las Vegas. But I still don’t understand why this give anyone the authoriti to be rude or just embarrassing to the human race. And it seems that during this Christmas/Holiday season it is more apparent.

For example, I was at Wal-Mart (ok, I guess I only find this at Wal-Mart but I normally ignore these people) and I thought it’d be nice to park far away so all the people who needed to park close can. See the spirit is just flowing through me. So I started my trek to the front entrance and as I got closer I saw a woman with features like a very butch woman (you know….not that there’s anything wrong with that). But wait, she had three kids with her, oh and there was another woman that appeared out of the car. So I was probably right about my first impression. But before I can even come to that conclusion, Butch says “I’ll shove that right up your a**!” to the 7 year-old girl.

I looked around to make sure she wasn’t talk to me. I don’t need anything shoved up my a**. But no she really did say it to this little girl. I should have taken that as a hint from the Christmas spirit to leave that store before I even set foot in there, but I didn’t. I should have known better.

I was almost to the front door (it was a long walk) when I got to the cross walk. I watched a van passed, looked both ways and started across. Just then I heard, “You trying to kill my baby and me? I’m trying to f***ing walk here! Slow the f*** down!”

I should have just turned around and went to my friendly grocery store where people don’t talk trash to their seven year olds. Where people don’t yell at passing cars (who were through the cross walk and you walked in front of them, idiot!). Who are these people? Where do I live? How did they get so rude?

My Christmas message: I’ve learned that you can’t help how others act while walking into Wal-Mart even if it is the Christmas season. And the second message to all my friends: Don’t be rude or I won’t be your friend, transplant or not.

Now go out there and shop, drop a buck and enjoy the holiday’s with nice people. Man I’d kick my mom if she said that to me!

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