Lenny Krap-itz

Some of my friends, including Justin know my feelings towards Lenny. I’ve never really hated a musician as much as I hate him. I think what did it was just the latest crap that he’s been putting out there. Mostly the covers that he’s ruined. American Woman by The Guess Who….well that’s the only cover that I can think of that he sucked up. But his other songs suck too. Are You Gonna Go My Way?, Fly Away and the most awful song in the world, Lady. Oh geez! And if your asking, yes, I’ve heard them all the way through. How else was I going to come to this conclusion?

I would change the channel as fast as I could when any of the above listed songs came on. One time I even walked out of a bar that was playing one of his songs. There was nothing I could do but just wait it out. So with beer in my hand, I walked out and said, “Let me know when it’s over!” I can’t stand his voice or the crap that is his music (sorry Lenny and Lenny fans but this is my blog!).

Even stuff on t.v. about him, I just say, “Isn’t there some sort of operation I could watch on Discovery Health Channel or a baseball game?” I did catch a small story about him totally by accident. He doesn’t wear underwear. Who cares! Honestly, who wants to know if you don’t practice good hygiene or not. Let’s just keep that information out of the public and not influence the weak. We really don’t need anymore people walking around with no underwear on.

Recently something happened to me that I’m totally embarrassed to tell people. I guess not too embarrassed because I called Justin the second it happened. Remember my cool satellite radio? Well it’s so cool that it will tell you the artist and song title. It comes in handy when you really like a song or when Lenny comes on. Lenny came on and I didn’t even know it! I was listening to my 90’s and Now station and a song came on that I hadn’t heard since High School. I actually said this aloud, “Oh my garage! I love this song!” And the second I finished saying that, I looked down at my satellite gadget and it said Lenny Kravitz! NO! NO! NO! It can’t be! I wouldn’t have been this dumb in High School! I was so disappointed in myself that I kept listening to it and sang it too while I called Justin to tell him how disappointed I was.

“Guess what I’m listening too?” “Um, I have no idea.” “Lenny Kravitz (in a sad voice).” It was a mix of sadness and memories of when I liked it. So then I started to rationalize that it was ok to listen to it and enjoy it because to me, in the 90’s, he was a nobody. I probably didn’t even know who Lenny Kravitz was back then. It was just one song in a mix of 90’s rock that bombarded my car speakers every day. He was a nobody to me then so I can listen to that song. But nothing else!

So Lenny, I do like one of your songs. But that’s it! As much as I like that song, I’m not going to buy the album it’s on. Nope. I guess it would be appropriate that the song title is It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over. But I think it’s over.


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