Hot Tip #3: Music Storage

We are in the digital age…incase anyone forgot. This means you have to take the necessary precautions in order to safe guard your most important stuff on your PC: your mp3 files. Nowadays, people are buying cd’s and importing them to their computer. This is great because you have the cd as a hard copy. Unless you sold them on ebay to pay for your latte or coach purse obsession. But if you fought the urge to sell them (and good for you!) then you won’t have any problems if and when (because you know one day you’ll see the blue screen of death and it’ll all be over) it dies.

However. For those of you who are “purchasing” mp3’s online(and I’m talking to you free-loaders too), then you should be aware of the trouble that you just might face when the blue screen of death faces you.

Besides backing up your important documents and personal stuff, your mp3’s probably take up a good portion of your disk space right? I’ve got…well I’m not telling you how much I have, that’s personal. But if you’ve got a lot of music and you have no hard copies, make hard copies.

MP3 files don’t take up a lot of space on cd disks. Actually let’s say if you have entire albums on your computer, you can copy that whole album folder onto your disk and still have room for your entire collection of Michael Bolton and Styx! So you can have like 15 albums on one cd, it’s amazing!

Once this process is done and you’ve filled up the cd with all your mp3’s, it’s necessary to label the cd. This may sound stupid and silly but when you really want to listen to the greatest hits of Fleetwood Mac, you’ll know where to find it. So take the time to label them.

The blue screen of death hits us all at one point…some more than others (thanks again for fixing it Justin!). But if you take the necessary steps, restoring won’t be as painful as seeing blue…or loosing Michael Bolton.


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