The Takeover

With my new job, I have new people to talk to. Most of them already know me because they know Justin. But since I work here now, they are learning more and more about me. Including my obession with bean burrito’s. I really hate to bring it up again, but last week was a highlight of my obsession.

On Monday I wanted lunch but wasn’t sure of where to go. Justin and some of his friends were going to Rubio’s. Sounded good. I got a bean burrito that, by the way, is comparable to my man’s place, Roberto’s. It was that good.

By Wednesday, I was craving it again. I asked Justin if he would go out with me and he said ‘No’. So I asked a friend, she said, “I brought my lunch. Where do you want to go?” “RUBIO’S!” I explained to her how fantastic their bean burrito’s were. She just laughed, as did everyone else around her. So she told Justin how much I wanted one for lunch. So he took me. And it was just as good as it was on Monday.

Thursday, I brought a bean burrito for lunch. It was everything I wanted it to be.

Friday…no beaners.

Saturday…no beaners. I was beginning to think my obsession had subsided for the week. Until Sunday. I really tried but the powerful craving overwhelmed me. I had two (yes you read that right) small kid sized beaners. I count it as two but really it was one. And man they were good.

Yes I know 5 times a week was obsessive, but I hadn’t had one in a few weeks, so I was due. And when my new co-workers found out about this (because they ask now) they really saw that I was crazy. Well I’m glad I can entertain them the way I do. “How many this week?” One day they might start taking bets…I better get a cut of it. Since I’m the one eating all these beaners.

If I can keep it under 1 a week, I’m good. Don’t worry my friends, last week was a freak of nature. I remember something in nutrition classe that we should all use: Moderation is key. Don’t eat 5 beaners in a week.


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