Trip Tik Itin

Trip Tik Itin. This is my new phrase. It’s fun to say and it makes me feel organized. I’m not as bad as Clark W. Griswald but I have my trips planned and organized.

First trip is actually this weekend to California. Since I’m visiting 3 different schools for winter guard shows, I needed three different maps from mapquest. I could have done them in color, but decided against it. Each one is in the folder under different tabs. In order of where I’m going. Then I have the hotel confirmation and show schedules for all the shows I’m attending. This is all bound in a nice, neat folder with a cover page that says “WGI”, just incase I forgot what I would be doing this weekend. It happens.

It may sound geeky and a little obsessive but it makes for a much safer and enjoyable trip. Try it sometime. You don’t have to go overboard on the trip tik itin, but if you keep all of your trip information in one location, you’ll know where you are going. And that’s important when you go on a trip…with a trip tik itin.

Visit your local Office Depot. They have a great varitey of tabbed folders for your very own trip tik itin. Jazz it up with pictures throughout your tip tik itin or fun facts about the places you are going. Make your trip tik itin fun!

Or you can just go on your trip without one. To that I say “Good Luck!” You might not think you need one, but you’ll come crawling back. Well you might have gotten lost because you didn’t have a trip tik itin to help you back. Now you’re really on your own. Good Luck!


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