Hot Tip #4: Cleaning Products

Over the past few years, the whole cleaning process has been redefined to make it easier and somewhat enjoyable. With products like “Swiffer” and the “Clorax Ready Mop,” taking care of the floors is simple, easy and not an all day process. Newly designed sponges and wipes make cleaning the counters a snap. And they are disinfected at the same time. Toilet brushes have changed too, but I don’t want to talk about those. That’s personal.

Commercials have gone from a satisfied house mom with a huge smile on her face when her floors are clean or when her counters are germ free. To womem and (shockingly) men having fun cleaning with things like the swiffer duster. I never thought cleaning was fun. I hated doing it, but I wanted that satisfied smile on my face. Sadly, I’d settle for a half smile. “Ehh, it’s good enough.”

However, I have found 2 products that made me smile bigger than any of those moms on tv.

First off my stove top. We have all gas appliances including the stove. I really love it, but I hate how dirty it gets. Sometimes the stove gets so hot that it bakes whatever spilled to a crispy lump. At that point, it becomes extremely difficult to remove. But Mr. Clean came to my rescue (as he does in his commercials) with his magic eraser. This thing rocks my socks off. It’s like a sponge and all you do is get it wet, squeeze and scrub. But amazingly you don’t have to scrub hard. It’s like you are wiping up something you just spilled. Something that’s not baked on. It really is magic.

I take a lot of baths. So the ring around the bathtub is frequent. I hate scrubbing it. It has to be the hardest thing to clean. Reaching over with a scrub brush and in the most difficult position, try to clean your bathtub. It’s not possible. I actually considered getting the Mr. Clean bathroom thingy. It’s like a swiffer, but for bathtubs, sinks, floors and the shower wall. I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t.

Instead I bought some Bathroom & Kitchen CLR spray. I actually bought it for my toilets (we have hard water here, it’s annoying). Worked great for that so I read some more about it. “Good for soapscum” Sweet. I started to spray it in one spot in the tub. This time I used a sponge instead of a brush. Holy Cow…it was like wiping up dirt. CLR made it so easy! I was amazed! I think I cleaned the bathtub twice last night because it was so much fun! It didn’t need it the second time, I just want to see it sparkle and it did.

So I ended the night with a huge smile, knowing that I’ve conquered 2 of the most annoying problems in cleaning. And so effortlessly. Now if only getting Justin to put his clothes in the basket could be effortlessly, I’d be set.


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