The Air Drill is for Professionals

The easiest way to update your living room is to change up your curtains. That’s why I told my Target pharmacist when I was buying my new curtains. “Hanging up curtains?” “Yep!”

I don’t just chat it up with my Pharmacist at Target, I was actually picking up a prescription. Since I had a small basket of items, I decided to check out there. But the Target Pharmacists are nice enough to talk to. Unlike the *Marathon-hater.

Having a Saturday project is fun especially when it’s easy like hanging curtain rods and curtains. I was excited. I got home and showed Justin my curtains. He thought they were cool. We have rich, dark red walls in our living room and I got a stainless steel rod with deep red velvet curtains and 2 tie back rods. I know that might be too much red, but I knew it would look good against our black couch. Plus they were on sale too, so I really couldn’t pass it up.

So using the air drill, which was a pain in the ass, I marked and drilled holes according to their directions. However when I put my little grey plugs (to hole the screws in place) the holes I just drilled were too big! A little annoyed that I just drilled into my dark red walls and dust flying everywhere, I did what any girl would do. Asked for help from my husband.

“Juuu-stin! I think I’ve ruined our walls! This was only supposed to take me 15 minutes tops and it’s not.”

“Hmm, I think we need spackle.”

Off to Home Depot for some spackle. That store is only fun when you have projects, but when you don’t it’s the last place you really want to wander around. We got our spackle and a new set of bits for the air drill and went home. Justin spackled the holes and decided to put the grey thingys in the wall while it was drying. I would have never thought of that. And I’m the toolbelt diva in my house!

We let it dry for a few hours just to be sure. And guess what, it took me 10 minutes to hang those curtains! I love the new look. Our living doesn’t look like every apartment we’ve lived in with just white blinds. This is our house and now we have the curtains to prove it.

*Marathon-hater: Some you come across on the street, either walking to work or walking home from work, complaining to you how they closed the roads down and whinning about how they can’t get to work or home. This person might look familiar to you but you can’t put your finger on it because you are running a marathon. Then come to find out this person is the rude woman who checks you out over at your local Target.


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