31 Days of Organizing Final Results

Ok, it’s August. Let’s see how I did with my list:

1. Linen Closet – Done!
2. Bathroom cupboards – Partially done!
3. Bathroom drawers
4. Pots and Pans – Done!
5. Tupperware – Done!
6. Pantry – Done!
7. Junk Mail – Done! But ongoing. So annoying.
8. Movies
9. CD’s
10. Jules’ Closet – Done! Although, he’s since pulled stuff out.
11. Jules’ Drawers – Done!
12. Hall Closet – Done!
13. Shoes -Done!
14. Fabric
15. Sewing Area – Done! But started a project and now it’s a mess again 🙁
16. Book Shelf
17. My Clothing Drawers
18. My Nightstand
19. Family Room
20. Side Table in Living Room – Done!
21. Baby Clothes in Buckets – Done!
22. Craft Supplies

Obviously I didn’t finish everything. And that’s ok! The areas left to do aren’t that bad except my nightstand. Seriously, why is that thing a mess!? The best part: cleaning my sewing area got me working AND finishing projects. I finished a lunch bag I promised my mother-in-law for Christmas (oops!), made a new cover for our headboard and started on a project for a friend.

So I’d say even though I didn’t complete the list, I think I was successful.


Nightstand, why you so messy!?

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