Marlo at 14 Months


Oooh boy. You are tons of fun right now. We’ve had to bring the baby-gate out from storage since you are very mobile now. You scoot into Jules’ room and since he doesn’t clean up all the little things (re: Legos) we have to shut his door. You are into everything right now too. You’ll empty out the diaper bag if it is on the floor and you can get to it. Anything left out that is within your reach, you go for it. You hang out in the kitchen and empty out the first drawer of the pantry. The best part is you put everything back. Take it out then put it back – that’s your gig. DSC_1647

At meal time, you are very impatient and you let us know. Loudly. Even though you eat more than Jules at times, you are still pretty little. And since meals are so important to you, you know 3 signs related to eating: all done, milk, water and eat. Your “all done” is just like Jules’ when he was your age. We called it “playing the piano” because that’s what it looks like. We’re teaching you these signs: hot, bath, more, mom, dad. We’ll keep adding more.DSC_1594

Right now, you’re kind of a princess. Sometimes you want us to put food in your mouth or hold your sippy cup for you. You love to be held and just want other people to do things for you while you’re being held.

You have lots of hair and most of it sticks up. Nothing I do will make it stay down. I’ll put a bow in your hair and it is cute for all of 2 seconds until you pull it out. If I can distract you enough it’ll stay in longer. Your hair makes you look like a little, blonde rooster. It’s quite the mohawk.


We went to the cabin again this year. The same one from last year. This time you could sit at the beach and experience the sand for the first time. You thought it was awesome and started to eat it.

You’re not phased by loud noises like Jules. You love baths, cheese, the ball spinner (photo above), playing peek-a-boo and you’re happy to go to sleep – most of the time. I can put you in bed with a blanket and a cup of water and you’re content. I’m so glad the love of sleep was passed down to both you and Jules.

Next up, 15 months!


 full baby mohawk

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