Marlo at 13 Months


At thirteen months you started growing 3 top teeth at the same time! You’ve been a bit crabbier than normal but that’s probably the reason. You like to feed yourself and slap the spoon away when I aim it toward your mouth. So I give it to you and you’re excited to try it yourself. DSC_1556

You get frustrated with something and will look at me and cry, looking for help. Someone will help you and then you are fine like nothing happened.DSC_1519

You love exciting things like swings, baths, rides at an amusement park, spinning around, anything that’s not sitting or laying down. We took you to a splash pad on a hot day and I put you in front of a bubbler. You splashed and laughed and clearly loved it. You love water! Dad and I will take you to the bathroom and hold you near the sink to wash you hands. You reach for the water and splash as much as you can. DSC_1463


We took you and Jules to Disneyland and you loved.every.ride. Even some where Jules was a little leery, you laughed and screamed.




Your scoot is getting better and faster and you prefer to be on the floor scooting and spinning. Jules has to watch out while playing in the living room because you will scoot over to grab his toys. He will try to hide them from you and you look at me and scream. Life will be fun once you can walk and talk!


Happy 13 months little sister!


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