Marlo at 15 Months

Lots of new things this month. Let’s start with talking. You clearly call out Da-Da when he walks in, but you also say it when I walk in. But it’s slightly different. So Da-Da is your first word. You also say uh-oh and you meow like a cat. You are learning new signs and now know 7 signs. All done, eat, water, milk, bath, baby, flower. You’re at the best age to learn a new sign every day. You whisper your cute baby talk. You scream when you’re having a good time.


I walked into your room after a nap and you were sitting up in your bed. That was new! So I pushed you back down to see how you did it. You rolled on your tummy then tucked your legs under and push yourself up. You’re using muscles and experimenting with new positions that would freak you out before. You’re also pulling up more and sometimes we will see you pull up in your crib. If you were a little taller I’d lower the mattress but we have a little time still before you could topple out.

You hate the stroller. When we were at Disney, I thought you wanted to get out and see everything (and scoot since you had just started that). Turns out, you hate just sitting there. You fake cry and kick your legs and are generally crabby in the stroller. There’s no convincing you it’s fun. Sorry kid, you have to ride in the stroller sometimes.

DSC_1604Why do you look so grown-up here?!


You still only have 3 teeth on the bottom and 4 on top. Nothing new so far. You’re now meh on cheese and bananas, leaving the last bites of them on your tray. But you love all fruit and veggies. You prefer to feed yourself and you’re learning how to with silverware. You’re very flexible but you hate standing up. You’d rather be on the ground scooting around.



Eating sand-covered strawberries and scooting sand into your diaper. It’s summer!

Summer is almost over and we’ve had a lot of fun with you and Jules. I’m excited to spend time with you while Jules is at school. We’ve been running around all summer it’ll be nice to be back into a routine.

Here’s to 15 months little girl!



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