Jules in Bullet Points

I’ve been terrible about documenting what Jules is up to since the end of his monthly posts. So here’s a post dedicated just to him and what he’s up to.

-When he’s supposed to be sleeping, he’s usually singing the ABC song, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and has a conversation with Lamby. If you ask him to sing, he won’t. So I enjoy his nighttime routine of singing in bed (or when he’s playing or in the tub).

-He follows statements up with questions. For example: “Lamby has eye. Can you talk to Lamby?” or “I have trains. Do you like trains?” Or he’ll follow up a statement with “Buuuuuut…” It’s great to see how clever he is at constructing sentences.

-He’s obsessed by loud things. He goes off on long winded tangents about smoke alarms, tornado sirens, train horns, and train whistles. It’s cute until you hear what he’s actually saying, then it’s sad how much they terrify him. We’re working on getting him comfortable and that loud noises have a purpose. Library books help.

-When you talk to him on the phone and ask him how he’s doing, he always says he’s good. Always. Then he might go into something about how he couldn’t do something because he was sad. He knows how to have a pity party.

-He likes Mac ‘n Cheese cold.

-His favorite toy is a pink stroller we got him for Christmas. He loads it up with cars or whatever he’s hauling and runs from room to room.

-His standard greeting: “Hello mommy, hello! How are you doing?” whenever I come home or talk to him on the phone.

Quick list of funny sayings:
-Drum Quarters = Drum Corps
-Grocery Carpet = Grocery Cart
-Would that be perfect?
-Can I see pictures on your ipod phone?
-We’re best friends!

I should really do a monthly post on him. He’s always doing or saying something new. While sassy and a challenge at times, he’s really a good boy. 

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