It’s Groundhog Day…again

I love that movie. Everyday feels like Groundhog Day here. Just the same thing over and over again. But lets talk about some of the new things happening around the house – bullet point style:

– After 3 years of Justin participating in the Overnight Website Challenge, I finally decided to join him. I applied for a team and was accepted! I’m no developer, but I can add content like no ones business. So that’s what I’ll be doing in March.

– Justin and I are attempting to relive our days of Drum Corps. We’re auditioning for Minnesota Brass – an all ages drum corps. This time he’ll be my seat partner!

– Jules continues to be our loving, sweet, son who bosses us around by saying, “You come to my room to play trains wif me.” His new question is, “Is that you mommy?”

– Scully is still around and terrified of Jules who loves to chase her. But he also asks her to be his “best friend” – he’s tender like that.

– We’ve had the strangest winter in Minnesota. I don’t think we had any snow in January and if we did, it melted because we’ve been in the 40’s. Except today. It’s 5 degrees out right now. Yes, it’s as cold as it sounds. I’m hoping it just means we’ll have a longer spring and a hot summer. If not, I don’t think Justin will want to continue to live here.

– Justin’s into bikes, beer, and baby’s. Let’s just say he’s attempting to make one of each.

– We knew Jules would be like us in many ways, but we didn’t take into consideration some of the things we didn’t want to pass to him. Talking in his sleep, bad skin, hard breathing when he’s watching t.v. or concentrating on something, and biting his nails. These annoying little habits are sure to get worse.

– And speaking of Jules, he’s terrified of loud noises. I’ve read about many who have dealt with kids and sensitivity to things like sounds or new situations or foods – and I should take comfort that these sensitivities will lessen and even pass with age. But man this is tough. He remembers instances of loud noises, where he was when they happened and he obsesses over it.

We were heading out to Utah over Thanksgiving break and we stopped at my office to do some last minute work. It was first thing in the morning so hardly anyone was there. My boss and I were chatting, Jules was sitting at the table and Justin was in the hall on the phone. Suddenly, the building fire alarm went off. There was no mention of a drill so this was the real thing. When the alarm goes off all the doors automatically shut and when that happened, along with the startling noise, Jules FLIPPED the F out. I had to grab him and bolt out of the building and reassure him it wouldn’t happen again (of course, how the hell am I supposed to know that?). He talked about that for days.

I had lunch with him and Justin this week and we went to my building after lunch and he immediately panicked and started babbling about the alarm and doors closing and he how hated my work. I felt terrible for him when he started crying. It’ll be a long time before I can bring him back.

He’s constantly asking “What’s that noise?” when he hears something he’s never heard. Sometimes it’s just a question other times you can tell he’s worried. All we can do is reassure him. I hope this passes.

– And speaking of obsessing: I’m all over Adele right now. Isn’t that voice amazing? If I was in London like someone I know, I’d totally go to every show she was doing. Seriously, amazing.



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