Dear WGI 2010,

To the high school students:
I was once you. Excited because my FAVORITE show was coming on! No, WAIT, THAT was my favorite show! I spoke of “I hope next year…” and “When Mrs. so and so asked me to blah blah…” and other stories of your season and everything else you commented on, I did it at one point too.


If you stick with it, soon, you’ll be me. A spectator who paid her whole way to Dayton including very expensive seats to finals. A spectator who doesn’t want to hear your stories during the performance. After, sure! Go ahead! Talk all you want. But when that music starts, please, be quiet and watch.

A spectator who doesn’t want to get kicked in the butt by your very stinky feet. Wait, let me be clear. MY feet don’t smell like vinegar. I’m wearing shoes. YOUR feet smell like vinegar and please, don’t place them near the shoulders of people. We can smell them. And if your feet stink, for the love of EVERYTHING, don’t wear flip-flops!

I appreciate the VIP section. I did it last year and it was nice. But, why would I want a VIP seat on a High School bleacher? It’s not like the seats are any better. I’m still sitting on a bleacher.

To the rest of you:
SIT DOWN! Especially BEFORE a show starts! Just SIT! SIIIIITTTT! Find a seat AFTER the show is done. I didn’t pay to see YOU walking by. Also, please place garbage UNDER your seat and not in front. Wanna know why? Because when I leave to go pump for the hundredth time and you don’t want to move, I end up kicking and stepping on all your garbage. It’s gross and just annoying.

To all the finalists:
I think you all deserved to be there this year. Last year, a few were questionable. My favorites this year (in no particular order, just as I remember):
Pride (really, if this wasn’t your favorite, you might want to get out of the activity)
Santa Clara
James Logan
Mariam Catholic
Tarpon Springs

And a bunch more I can’t remember the names of. Either way, so many great shows this year. Til next year…


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