Best Deal Around

I have many levels of frugalness. I like to save money but there’s a side of me that likes to spend, wisely of course. If it’s worth it, I’ll fork out the cash. I carry my coupons with me all the time. I check websites for the best prices before I buy. Justin always asks if I have a coupon for something he wants to buy. I don’t have the newest (or even remotely new) car. I scour craigslist for items I need or just wait for a good sale.

Since Jules joined the family, my time is valuable. Before, I took the bus to work. A 45 minute trip on the bus with an additional 15 min drive home. Now I drive it in about 20-25 min BUT I pay for parking. It’s a big chunk out of my check, but I’m home in time to hang out with Jules for a few hours before he goes to bed. So it’s worth the parking fees.

If I can do something to save cash, I’ll do it.

Oh for hecks sake, I hired a maid. No reason to beat around the bush. And I shouldn’t be ashamed of it or have to explain to people (like I felt I had to explain to someone WHY I would spend so much on a stroller.) Yes, I am frugal, but I hired a maid. Let’s just say I’m frugal with my time and I can’t spare it to clean my floors.

We all sacrifice things in life.


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