10 Months

Double digits! 10 months! At 10 months you: scream with delight whenever you see me or your dad.

(or an Easter basket. No candy for you. Just empty eggs, a puzzle, a map of the U.S. and some new pjs.)

Stats: 20lbs (50%) and 28″ tall (10%). Lots of baby chub, hair, and cuteness.

You LOVE to eat so we’ve been making homemade baby food. But most of the time, you end up eating whatever we have on our plate. You also love Cheerios. We’ll sprinkle a few on your tray, you grab as many as you can with your right hand, hold them, and use your left hand to pick up the rest. Once you are done, you still have some in your right hand. It’s like saving the best for last.

What you eat:
sweet potatoes
refried beans (oh, I’m so glad you love them!)
green beans
and on and on

You recently tried mac ‘n cheese (which you LOVED) and jambalaya (which you also loved). You pretty much eat anything we put on your tray or give you. But you still nurse once in the morning and twice when I get home and bottles through out the day.

Loving your Ergo!

We love to take you to new places to learn. Here, we learned about tapping a tree for maple syrup! Guess what we’re doing next year?!

You love to be outside and watch the neighborhood kids ride bikes (Dad may or may not be riding with them.) Now that the snow is gone, we go out for walks and enjoy the sun. But on days when it’s too cold, you’re happy looking out the window, giving it a little tap.

I’ve been working on teaching you how to sit on your own from laying down. You are 95% there. You are so close to doing it on your own, it will be soon! (you did it once yesterday using my leg for help.) You’ve also increase the frequency you rock on all fours. You REALLY want to get somewhere and you know forward motion is the way to go, but after one “step” you can’t get your left side to move. So you drop and roll. But you have crawled 2 steps before dropping, so you’ll be doing that soon too.

You sprouted another tooth about a week after the first one. And you’ve got another one in the works – all on the bottom. You handled it surprisingly well, but did have a few rough nights going to bed.

Monthly photos with Scully are getting easier. Here’s the “outside” edition.

We spent last weekend apart. And while I found out you did just fine while I was gone, you were so excited and upset when I got home. You obviously love me 🙂

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