Who It Pays to Know

A Dermatologist, for one. I didn’t have to make an appointment to freeze off this stupid, annoying little thing* on my heel. Mother-in-law did it for me, all in the comfort of my room. I asked, “Is this going to hurt?” I got an honest answer, “Yes.”

Crap. I can’t have my Mother-in-Law thinking I’m a wimp**.

I sat quietly and let my foot freeze to a temp of -190 (it thawed out pretty quickly), Justin, on the other hand, screamed like a baby when it was his turn. Mother-in-law and I just laughed. No co-pay needed. Score!

My blog is 3 years old. I’ve gone through 2 jobs and 2 homes in that time. I’ve been to some crazy parties and have had some crazy parties. I ran a marathon then I ran a 1/2. Scully has hasn’t grown but I swear her ears have.

Now I can finally put to rest that I won’t be sued by an old High School Band that I used to teach for, who I actually sued. The statute of limitations has passed. And they can’t touch me now. This will be the first and last time I ever bring that up again.

*I hate to mention that I even have one because I think they are gross, but I developed a wart on my foot after the half marathon. Or was it after my trip to Thailand?

**Mother-in-Law knows about this story and has said on numerous occasions, “you’ll never make it through child birth.” Probably not, but that’s what medication is for, right?


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