I saw Joe Lilly’s brother driving a bus yesterday (if he has a brother). And for a second there, I thought it was JL because he looked at me, like he knew me.

I also saw a girl who hasn’t shaved her legs in probably 4 months. But she had a new hair cut. What’s the logic behind that?

I haven’t seen this girl in a while.

Something smelled on the bus this morning. It wasn’t me.

I decided out of the blue, to sign up for a 5k. Honestly, I needed something to do. Justin seemed to agree so he’s in. A 5k after the half I did 7 months ago should be a piece of cake, right? I haven’t run since the half so it’s like I’m starting over. Again. Oh, sure, I’ve got lots of ideas to make my training better. But how much better am I going to get in a month to run 3 miles? Probably just enough to finish it. That sucks. Maybe I should have thought about this a little longer. Or picked a race further out. But this isn’t Las Vegas and the weather starts getting cooler (read: freaking freezing) here sooner (read: like NOW!) so a race in October should be fine. Let’s hope.

House update: No update. Oh, except the bank is taking their sweet-ass time deciding if the house is worth what I’m offering. Come on bank, you don’t have any other offers on the dump, just approve me already will ya?

Who’s upgraded to firefox 3.0? Do I have to upgrade to get rid of the stupid pop up that happens every 2 minutes? Seriously, it’s irritating.


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