Let’s hope this works

I guess we could have spared ourselves about 2 months of house hunting and just gone with the first house we agreed to. Lucky for us, it was still on the market so we put an offer in on Saturday. Unfortunately, it’s in foreclosure so this could take a while.

In the mean time, I decided to whip out my serger. I wasn’t going to use it at all but thought why not. Of course, since it had been many, many months since I last used it, the instructions had to come out too. I had this knit top all cut out before we moved so I wanted to finish it last night. I threaded it and all was well until I had to change the stitch – it didn’t like what I did so I gave up before I screamed. And I was almost done too. I suck.

I’ve actually completed more clothing projects while living here than in Las Vegas. Well, a lot of my projects in Vegas were totes, purses, and bags, none of which I’ve done here. It’s easy to come home after liking your job and want to work on a fun project. In Vegas, my job sucked the life out of me at home and I didn’t want to do anything. So the way I see it, the move was worth it.


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