Summer Projects

I realized my serger mistake after thinking about it on the way home from work. Needles. I need new needles. I knew I had 2 left so I ordered more. But I was able to finish my knit top until 1 of my needles broke (I rule again). So before I can do my coverstich, I have to wait for my new needles to come in.

But I did finish this 2 weeks ago:

It makes these muggy Minnesota summer’s easier with the silkiness of the fabric. Oh, and trying to hem it was a pain but I did it very carefully. I entered it in this Sew-Along.

Up next on the sewing front: New Look 6407
It’s been done many times, with positive results, so I figure it’s pretty good.

I went to the dentist today and not only did I get my teeth cleaned and thoroughly examined, I also got a paraffin hand treatment. I need one of these at home! I’m sure I looked funny with my hands in mittens to keep the wax on, protective glasses, with my mouth wide open. Good news: she had nothing to clean, my mouth was perfect (I rule). Bad news: I have to make up the 3 hours I lost.


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