1 Week

Justin made it to Minneapolis last Thursday. Now he’s all set up to start working on his secret “x-files” and get his stuff up and running.

Speaking of “X-Files” I’m so excited to see the movie. Scully is really excited to hear her name on the big screen. She had no idea she was famous. I think it’s weird there aren’t very many commercials for the movie. I hope it’s good, but the fact that Amanda Peet is in it is worrisome.

We saw “The Dark Knight”. It was pretty good. Batman beats up his mom and sister and the Joker overdoses. Oh wait, wrong movie.

We’re still house hunting. I think I’m ready to take a break. I swear I’ve looked at 30 houses. I don’t know how the “House Hunters” do it with only 3 choices and I think their agents are lame.

Last night we got to relive our trip to Thailand for Adit and Paveena’s wedding. Paveena is finally here so we met them for dinner and watched the wedding video. 2 hours and 4 beers later, the video was done. Justin was shocked that it was 2 hours, I said “It was 4 days long! 2 hour is nothing!” We all agreed. We’re already talking of our next trip back to Thailand. We should just move there the way our dollar is here, but it’s too hot and I moved away from that for a reason. Maybe when I retire.

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