Elvis Sing it Again!

During summers in Texas the only time we went outside was to ride our bikes to the local pool. On days we didn’t go, my sister, brother and I would sit at home and watch all the MTV we could get. My mom didn’t like us watching it, so we did it while she was at work.

I would remember songs by the videos. They had to be funny, fast paced and clever for me to keep watching them. Nowadays, when a song comes on the satellite, I recall the video. “Oh I used to love this music video.” Justin had no idea because he didn’t have cable. Poor kid.

Lately, I’ve been eager to hear a song that, thanks to satellite radio, I never knew was sung by Elvis Costello. It’s call “Veronica”. I remembered the video very clearly but no clue who sung it. Listening to it now I know why I liked it. It’s very catchy and cute with the little xylophone tinking away. I found the video online (NO I didn’t steal it. Someone posted it.) and it’s kinda sad! Geez was I such a dumb kid to not even notice what it was about? If you’d like to watch it/listen to it check it out.

I think I liked it as a kid because Veronica wasn’t a very popular name, like mine.

“Saying “You can call me anything you like, but my name is Veronica”

Elvis is so clever with those lyrics! I can’t get enough of this song! Maybe I’ll start using that line at work, where btw, everyone seems to think my name is Jessica. It’s not kids. Ask me and I’ll tell you. On second thought, you can’t call me anything you like. My name is Jessi.


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