Skunky Smells

Is it weird to like the smell of skunks? Well not the skunk itself, but the odor that warns you to stay away. I never get close enough. It’s usually from driving on long trips. It could be the combination of the highway and skunk. I love it!

I usually want to drive back through just to get another wiff. It’s like a surprise on a boring road trip.

“Mmmmmm, Skunk!”

Justin thinks I’m crazy. But he like to walk down the cooking aisle, pick up a bag of marshmallows and sniff the bag until I’ve left the aisle. The time can vary if I’m actually looking for something down that aisle. Then he’ll try to con me into buying the bag with nose prints all over it.

“But marshmallows are soooo good!”
“No, I’ll buy you a rice krispy treat instead.”

Mmm, the marshmallowy goodness, you really can’t go wrong with a rice krispy treat. Or skunk smell, but I would mix them. That would be overload.


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