Purse For All Seasons…or At Least Today and Tomorrow

I go through phases where I need to make something. It usually turns out kinda ugly. Like the two dresses I made last weekend. After talking to my mom and determining Vogue patterns suck, the dress I made was about 3 sizes too big. And I’m just too lazy to fix it. Ugh, where’s Old Navy when I need it?

Anyhoo, the other dress…it’s nice. The fabric was stretchy and fitting. But the rolls on my sides just want to say hello to everyone. I think they shouldn’t be seen at all, but you can’t argue with them. So to fight them, I talked Justin into doing the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon in December. Another blog for another day.

With one ugly dress and one not yet ready to wear, I needed to satisfy my need for something made and useful. Purses! So off to my new favorite website, Craftster to find other people creations that I can use. There are some really creative people on there. Normally I’m amazed at how non-creative I can be. But this time I was surprised!

This one was fun just because I jimmied it to be the size I want. SMALL! But don’t look too closely because…well…the seams aren’t all that great, the handle is crooked, the lining didn’t catch when I was sewing it and over all it is a little lopsided. But it still looks pretty good!

Ya those aren’t side pockets. I guess they could be though.

BLING he he
Purse #2: A Snazzy, Very Little Clutch

The colors look a little deceiving here, but they are really brighter. I’ve never had a clutch or a need for one but when I saw this on Craftster, I knew I had to make it! And so I did. 1 1/2 hours later I was done. I didn’t put the snap on it yet because I have absolutely no idea how to use the snapper tool.
Hey, I can barely sew a straight line! So that one I need help on. But for now, my little clutch is cute, hip and only holds what you see. Tiny wallet, phone, lip gloss and rubber bands. All I need!

I’m not Martha yet, but I’m getting there. As for dresses, I think I’ll stick with stitching my way to Old Navy.com. Vogue…you’re killing me! 3 sizes! Unacceptable!


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