Utah huh?

Going up to Utah today. This reminds me of all those times I drove down to Las Vegas to see Justin. (In case some of you didn’t know, he took a job here while I was finishing up school, so we lived apart for about 4 months. It sucked!)

So after my Friday nutrition class I would head out for Las Vegas. Both ways I would listen to “A Mighty Wind” soundtrack. Silly I know, but the songs were funny. (I’m really racking up the music themed blogs lately!)

So yesterday, I jammed that cd into my player and rocked out (more like ‘folk-singer-rock-out’) on my way home from work, anticipating my Utah trip today. I could do that since I was the only one driving. Justin thinks the soundtrack is stupid. My in-laws thought you had to be “loopy” on booze to even make it through the movie. They fell asleep.

So I brought the cd with me incase I get the urge. I know Justin won’t get the urge (or maybe the urge to throw it out the window) but I can force it when I drive.

“I’m the driver, I pick the music!”

It’s painful sometimes when you’re the passenger. You have NO say in music. Oh these rules suck sometimes. I’ll let you know how many time I get to listen to it. I’m aiming for just on time. I want Justin to like me this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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