That Karma Will Get You Every Time

It never fails. You come home from a decent weekend outta town and something is different when you get into work. Sometimes people will use your computer and change all your presets or screw with your settings in a program (damn office mate at Watchit Media!). Or you have a pile of work just waiting for you. Either way, you know it’s gonna be a crappy Monday.

Well how about coming into work, stepping in your cube and nothing really seems outta place. That’s what I thought this Monday when I came in until I took a closer look.

“That phone isn’t mine.”
I’ve never had one of the nice phones since I’ve been here. Upon closer inspection, while wiggling my mouse to turn on the computer, which by the way I shut down before the weekend, it said Andy Whitlow. Then the monitor came up with a log-in prompt for Andy Whitlow!

What the hell was going on? And who’s this Andy Whitlow? All my stuff was still in my cube. Nothing was different except those two things. I started to formulate scenarios like “Was I fired and they just didn’t tell me or Justin?” or “Well my code worked to get into the building so I know I’m not fired, but I’m not Andy Whitlow (whoever he was!).”

My cube neighbors couldn’t help me because they didn’t see this magical switch-a-roo happen. I was extremely frustrated. Then, another girl who was moved on Friday stood up.

“They moved you and me. You’re over here now.”

“This blows!”

With every trip from my old cube to my new one, I calmed down a bit. Until I saw who I was gonna be sitting by. Remember this? I don’t like to bring it up but once I realized my new situation my anger turned to laughter.

When she moved, the clouds parted and the sun shined through the cubes. It was a miracle. Then she got a cube mate who loves to sing and hum. I just snickered under my breath every time I could hear her humming…across the room!

My ending statement in this situation: Karma’s a Bitch! Get ready for some dual action humming sitsa!


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