Pen and Paper

Since becoming an adult pen and paper have become somewhat useless in my life. Well mostly the paper part. I still need a pen to write out my checks and copy phone numbers down on the back of an envelope. But soon there will be a day when I won’t even need a pen anymore. Actually I guess if I tried, I could live without pens now. If you’ve been paying attention, I wrote in a previous post (refer to post “Time of our Lives”) about time and technology. We now have the technology to make our lives paper and penless.

I really enjoy writing out my checks. Keeping track of what bills I’ve paid. It’s easy when you have them in hand. You know that you’ve sent them on time without any penalty. Well if you do send them in on time. But now everything is automatic bill pay and checkfree stuff. But I thought I found a loop hole.

When I go to Target (which I do on a sometimes daily basis) I get excited because even though I use my bank or credit card, I think I’m going to use a pen to sign my name to paper. Not so at Target and as I’m figuring out, most places. They give you their little comptuerized pen and you have to sign in this little box (not even paper) and then your signature looks so crappy like a 2 year-old did it. It’s just so disappointing.

What’s more disappointing is remembering the last time you used a pen. I don’t think that my husband has used a pen in over a month when he had to write out a check. He has all of his phone numbers and dates in either his phone or PDA. He’s a programmer so he doesn’t write anything down at work. I worry about this. What if he forgets how to write? What about all those years in school where we were taught about margins, handwriting skills and spelling! I don’t get love letters anymore I get e-mails. Oh how romantic… an e-mail with a forward attachement on it of some picture he stole off of the net.

Don’t bring up the argument that I’m using this blog and not using paper. If I had paper and a pen I would use them in a heart beat. I have tons of great colored pens with glitter. Oh they are so girly. But I don’t remember the last time I bought paper! So what’s the point of my glitter-girly pens? I guess Citi Bank and Southwest Gas will just have to appreciate that they are getting their money on time… and in pink.

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