A Montage of Music

Last week Justin and I went to the local movie theater for one thing…DCI Quarter Finals. No it didn’t star T. Cruise or J. Depp. It has much better performers in it, Musicians.

I first got into music when I started playing the flute in 6th grade. Don’t make fun. Playing takes talent, dedication, practice, and peer pressure. The peer pressure is so that your arch rival in High School doesn’t take your spot in the flute section, or as I upgraded to, the piccolo section. Well the piccolo section was really only me, but I had to fight off potential wanna be’s.

I loved playing modern peices as well as classic. And as I became a better player, I also learned how to spin flag. No I didn’t play AND spin at the same time. Don’t be silly. But I became pretty good at spinning too. So I took my new career of color guard to a whole new level. I auditioned for a Drum and Bugle Corps when I was 19 and made it.

So the year was 1998 and I was part of one of the best all-girl color guards in the U.S. It was an exciting time. I wasn’t playing music, but I was appreciating it more and more. As well as appreciating some of the young, hot, tanned men in my corps. Oh so hot… oh I mean sweaty, it was hot in the summer, we got sweaty. Same thing happened in 1999, my last year to march. After that, I attended every show I could as well as going to Finals week. Sometimes it would be in D.C., Madison, Denver, and Buffalo but my husband and I loved it and missed it.

This year we couldn’t go to Boston. So we got to see Quarter Finals on the big screen. It seemed so silly to clap and cheer at a screen. They can’t hear us! Who are we kidding. But we did it anyway. So as a spectator we got to see all different types of shows. Some great, some stupid, some crappy, some stupid… did I say that already? Well the point is, some shows were themed but it was more of a montage of montages.

As stupid as they are, you still have to appreciate what they are doing on the field. Visually, musically and the entertainment value to you the spectator. They work hard to give you a show that is either great or well… you make the decision I’ve already made mine.

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