GQ’s so GQ

My husband and I were at one of our favorite sandwich shops here in Vegas, Jimmy John’s. Try if you come across it. The Club Lulu is my favorite, as well as saying lulu in my Texas accent. It really throws people off here. We were eating our yummy subs when somehow the topic of GQ came up. I don’t know. It could have been that we were talking about Courtney Love, but she’s not GQ. Oh, it could have been our talk about Foo Fighters. They are sorta GQ (you following the whole Nirvana theme here). But then our talk lead to GQ itself. What the heck does it mean?

Yes GQ stands for Gentlemen’s Quartely. It has great stuff on style and fashion for men. My husband has never picked up a copy. But since JFK junior started this manly fashion mag, the term GQ has been used in a different way. And that’s my question as well as my unfashionable husband’s too. What does GQ stand for in our unfashionable world?

We hear our friends, well we do it too, say something like, “That’s so GQ” or “You look GQ.” Which to me translates to, “That’s so Gentlemen’s Quartely” and “You look so Gentlemen’s Quartely.” I’m sure it wasn’t mean like that! JFK junior never intended it to be used like that or so I assume. But really what does it mean? We sat there, half way through our club lulu’s and dorritos pondering this thought. “Gotta Quit?” No. “Gansta Quarry?” No. “That’s so golfing quickly?” No. Nothing worked and the lulu’s were eaten.

So the question was never really answered. Until I had what therapists call a breakthrough. GQ is a magaizine about style and fashion for men. So it’s more of a lifestyle. The letters G and Q have no meaning to us, but the lifestyle does. So to give the compliment “You look GQ” is basically saying, “You’ve got fashion sense and it shows! I wanna jump your body now!” Any man hearing that would think, “Now I’m GQ.”

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