Remember…Don’t Forget

All through out your school years you are under constant learning pressures. Like it or not, you’ve learned either the importance of typing skills (courtesy of Webster Intermediate), time management (High School in general. Can you believe that we had to go to school at 7:20 am? Holy crap that’s early.) or terms in biology that you will never need to recall. Unless you decide to go into the medical field. I didn’t. I chose a more creative field where I really don’t have to recall anything. I can barely remember yesterday’s project but I do remember what I’ve learned in Texas history.

I moved out of the great state of Texas when I was 19. I took all that knowledge of Texas and put it in the back of my mind trying to erase my Texas roots. They weren’t that deep. We moved there when I was 8 but 11 years in Texas is pretty much a lifetime. So onto learning Texas history.

If you’ve seen the movie Alamo you can skip ahead, if not listen up. Yes the Alamo was defeated. But did you know that there was a messenger that got out of the Alamo before the attacks looking for Sam Houston. He told him what was up over in San Antionio. So Sammie decided he’d had enough of General Santa Ana’s fight for Texas. And when the Mexican troops left the Alamo, Sammie and all of his men attacked the Mexican army and wiped them out in a matter of minutes capturing Santa Ana and securing Texas’ independence.

I learned that over at Webster Intermediate, but since it was in the very back of my mind, I still rented Alamo (Billy Bob was great!). See I never really forgot what I’ve learned, I just didn’t remember it.

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