Brace for Impact

When I was in High School all of my friends had braces. I knew I had some funky teeth problems, but looking back I don’t think it bothered me. One of my good friends, Elsa, had braces what seemed like forever. Well from what I remember, it was something like 5 or 6 years. Geez, that’s a long time!

Now as an adult, I’ve realized how much my teeth matter. Yes you can say I’m vain, but what about all those kids in High School who had them. Were they vain too? Actually, they probably were. They were probably begging their parents for braces and they probably didn’t even need them, you know… peer pressure. But I thought I didn’t need them so who cares. But apparently I did and now I care.

Last October I went for my regular cleaning in my newly adopted city Las Vegas. The lights, the sin, the metal? Who would have thought that my welcoming committee wanted to put me in metal for 2 years! So my 3 different dentists poked and prodded my teeth. One mentioned the look of my teeth. Big surprise. But he had something different to say. “You’re going to have more problems as you get older if you don’t go see an orthodontist.” WHAT? I’ve been alive for how many years and nothing was ever said to me until now. How could I have gone through my life missing such important information? Will my life depend on it? Well I wasn’t about to wait to find out, I made an appointment with and ortho right away! Really it was 2 months later. I wanted to live life on the edge.

Apparently I did have some problems that I’m taking care of with braces. Things move pretty quickly when you have metal forcing them in a direction they don’t want to go. But now I have a stubborn crossbite that really doesn’t want to move. Oh the challenges. A new place to live, a new job and braces at 27 years old.

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