Land of 10,000 Beers

My husband and I are heading to Minnesota on Friday to attend his 10 year High School reunion. Should be interesting because it seems everyone in Minnesota drinks. Beer is the drink of choice everywhere. However, it’s not like Wisconsin where you have a bar selling Blue Ribbon every block. And I mean EVERY block. Especially in the small towns, more bars than people!

A few months back I started training for the Las Vegas Marathon and now Justin runs with me. I’m not sure, but I think he wants to get rid the belly, the product of too much beer. He’s doing a great job (keep it up justy!) so I’m sure his belly will be gone, but I don’t think by Friday. To perpetuate the drinking problem, his parents called us a couple of days ago to ask what kind of beer we wanted in the house. Justin named off a bunch of different ones. So yesterday they called to tell us they got about 5 different kinds. Um, ok. I know I’ll be on vacation, but I don’t want every night to be a drinking contest with the fam.

Everytime we go home to Minnesota it’s like a High School/College reunion. Justin is in touch with most of his old classmates. We fly in, hang out and guess what, drink beer. So I assume the reunion won’t be that different. Just more bellies to look at. Now I’m painting a pretty bad picture of my husband, but he’s not over weight at all, just has this little belly that I assume all men have.

Here is my predicted run down of my vacation in Minnesota:
Plane lands, change, off to the reunion, drink beer.
Next morning, get up, drive to Wisconsin, drink beer.
Go to the Dells, drink beer all day (get dehydrated).
Probably go shopping and have beer at lunch and dinner.

See a pattern. I will be there for more than a week and I’m guess that I will probably consume 2 cases of beer while there. Holy crap, that’s a lot of beer. I hope I’m up to it.

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