Ode to Halloween

I really like Halloween. My husband does too. This is the only time of year where we can dress up and have fun (I know it’s cliche). And we usually find a great party to go too. Since it’s only August and no parties have been named, we have already picked out our costumes in preperation for a potential gathering.

Now before I tell you what they are, don’t pee your pants, I want to explain the thought process behind the selections:

Justin always finds some crazy character to be. I’m still waiting for him to ask me to make a Batman suit, I’m really surprised it hasn’t come up yet. So this year was no different in picking his. He wanted to be a character that you really wouldn’t know about unless you lived in our world. The geek world. Last year he was Strong Bad, the comical, flash annimation character made famous by reading his e-mails. So I made him a mask that looked like Strong Bad and he had red boxing gloves and he was a hit at the geek party we went to. He took the gloves off to eat, but didn’t take the mask off. Let’s just say, his mouth was dirty.

So this year when Napolean Dynamite came out Halloween popped in his head. “I’m going to be him for Halloween!” “Napolean?” “NO! Rex Qwan Doo.” Oh geez! But actually it will be much easier to make that costume than the Strong Bad one, oh the pain! So over the 4th of July weekend, we went to the material store and bought striped and starred material, shooting glasses, and a bandana. I had to find a pattern for the pants. They are parachute pants and yes, they still make a pattern. Look out Rex Qwan, Justin is going to teach you a lesson in Qwan Dooing!

My costume idea is always based on something completely different. I choose whatever I wanted to be when I was a kid. This year, I’ve departed from that school of thought. Last year I was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Nothing fancy, but I did make it. Justin even ordered me the Gryffindor patches for my cape. GEEK I know, but it was fun. So this year, with my marathon training, my legs are shaping up. And by October 31, they should be hot. With that in mind, I’ve decided to be an adult version of the St. Pauli Girl. And so people know why I’m dressed like a bar maiden, I’ll walk around with a six pack of the beer. I’ll be like the beer fairy, handing out cool frosty beverages. I’m sure to be a hit, if not, the beer will be. Rex Qwan Doo has a new lady in town, St. Pauli Girl.

Scully, my min-pin, has been a witch for 2 years. But since she’s an adult now (just graduated dog obedience!) we are dressing her up as a horse. She’s really excited. She’s been practicing her naying and she’s getting pretty good!

So there you have it. I hope you figure out what you are going to be. You only have 2 months left! Hurry up or all the good costumes will be gone.

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