Chit to the Chat

In certain situations we tend to chit chat. So what do we chit chat about? Oh lots of stuff. It can vary to the easiest the weather, or to how you are doing, all the way to whom you are doing.

I was at the orthodontist the other day getting an adjustment. Actually, there isn’t any adjustments made, just a different color put on. But that day, major adjustments were done. So after my rubber bands were taken off, I sat there reclined waiting for the Ortho to come around. This one assistant was there when I had my braces put on and I hadn’t seen her since. I don’t know everyone’s name there, so let’s call her Sara. With the blonde hair and facial mask, she looks like a Sara. So Sara looks at me and says, “How have you been?” “Good, I see there are lots of new faces here.” “Yes there are.” So I think, should I introduce myself, they all know my name so that would be dumb. But I don’t know their names. This seems a little unfair.

“I like what you’ve done to your hair” she said. “Thanks.” and Ortho showed up in the nick of time with more wire to stick in my mouth. This chit chat was unusual because they never talk to me there. It’s usually just the Ortho talking to me and assistants like Sara asking me what color I would like. So in this case the chit chat was a nice change. Heck, these people are seeing me for another year, they should get to know me!

Chit chat at work is different. Most of the time it’s to A) learn something about your co-workers or B) get out of doing what is killing you at the time. B seems to be my reason for it. But sometimes it can go too far. Like today. I’m sitting in my office editing and one of the fellow ladies said that she’s “shacking up with her husband this weekend.” Um, ok. Gross. And she used the term “shacking up” which just showed her age even more. That kind of chit chat is unacceptable in my book. I don’t want to know of older people “shacking up” married or not. In our office that would have created a “hostile work environment” or an “unwelcomed comment.” I learned that in Diversity Training. And I plan to use these comments to the fullest extent of the office law! I should have gone to her and said, “Your comment about shacking up was an unwelcomed comment.” But I don’t have balls.

Don’t forget the chit chat that you weren’t meant to hear. This is generally the best. Let’s say you are walking to the water cooler and there is a office right by it. A conversation about someone is going on. And it’s good chat. So you take your time, milling around the cooler taking sips of your water getting all the chat you can take until someone notices you. Or you are in your office and people are talking outside of it. Naturally your ears perk up if you are not involved with what you are doing. And remember I’m always under the “B” category so I tend to listen and look right at them. Maybe I shouldn’t make it so obvious. I’ll try to remember that for next time.

I should introduce some new chit chat topics. But it’s too hard to come up with some ahead of time. I guess spur-of-the-moment chit chat is the best. But honestly, I don’t want to hear about you shacking up.

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