The Way I See It…Thanks Starbucks

Starbucks is a way of life for some. Don’t be mad but I do visit my local Starbucks… frequently. Mostly because I am too lazy to grind my ordered coffee beans, pack them into the thingy, brew, and then steam my milk. Seems like too much work. So the American laziness came out when our company moved and there is a Starbucks on the way to work. So I stop.

Don’t worry my friends things are about to change. After my visit to Minnesota, I brought home some coffee beans. Beans that I cannot get out here, unless I order online and have them shipped, then yes I can get them out here. But that’s no fun. So while in the land of 10,000 beers, er I mean lakes, I picked up a bag of Caribou Coffee beans. If you have a subscription of Consumer Reports you would have read about their coffee. If you don’t, then you’ll just have to believe me.

These beans smell so good and amazingly taste good too. Wow, for the first time, coffee that tastes like it smells! It’s a whole new morning for me. So now the bad news. I have to clean out my espresso maker, grind my beans, pack them into the little thingy, brew and steam my milk. So the way I see it (opinions on Starbucks cups) it might give me a sense of accomplishment if and when I ever brew my own latte. The way Starbucks sees it, they might be seeing me just as much. But I’ll try not to let that happen. Oh, the challenge is on!

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