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Fall 2013

The Cabin

In Minnesota, when you say you’re “at the cabin” people don’t assume you own the cabin. If I said that in any other state say, besides Wisconsin, people would assume you own a cabin. None of my family members own a cabin. They are a dime a dozen up here to rent. While Justin spent read more »

Spring Snow Day

This is what happens when it snows in Minnesota and someone wants to go out to play.

Overnight Website Challenge, Take 2

For the second year in a row, I participated in The Nerdery’s Overnight Website Challenge. Basically, this is where teams of web pros gather to build awesomely, new websites for deserving non-profits, who have websites that are downright terrible in 24 hours. The difference for me this year was being 7 months pregnant. Compared to read more »

The Jungle

We’ve had some of the coldest days here in Minnesota in years. It leaves me thinking about the people who lived a hundred years ago, without the technology of Thinsulate or central heat at home orĀ  work. How hard it must have been to have to walk miles to work in sub-zero temps in shoes read more »


Christmas came and went pretty quickly this year. I always have good intentions of getting tons done because I usually get a good chunk of time off work (it’s much needed too). But this year, with being pregnant and then eventually sick, including everyone else in the house, I only got a couple things checked read more »

A Conversation with Caribou

Me: Can I get a decaf latte with skim milk and no foam? Caribou: That’s a decaf latte with skim milk and no foam? Me: Yes Caribou: Would you like a breakfast sandwich? Me: No, but do you have any croissants? Caribou: Um, Let me check. Me: Caribou: No, we’ve discontinued them. Me: (You’re a read more »