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It starts out innocently enough. We’ve all done some version of that video. Some of those examples are extreme and I’ve only seen them and thankfully haven’t had the asshattedness of doing it myself (taking a selfie when you’re talking to a friend. Nope and don’t plan on ever doing it.). I’ve been in meetings read more »

Parenting, It’s What’s for Dinner

Since turning four, Jules has been testing his limits. It’s been worse since starting school a few weeks ago. He’s still the sweet, caring little boy but every day we go to battle over dumb things like not wanting to get in the car, not wanting to eat dinner, just not wanting to participate in read more »

Good Intentions, Blah, Blah, Blah

It was going to be a sunny, perfect day. We decided to head to the YMCA where they have an outdoor splash pad. Perfect for Jules who loves water but can’t yet swim. But first, I needed a nap, Justin needed to relax, Jules need play time and Marlo needed her second nap for the read more »

The Cabin

In Minnesota, when you say you’re “at the cabin” people don’t assume you own the cabin. If I said that in any other state say, besides Wisconsin, people would assume you own a cabin. None of my family members own a cabin. They are a dime a dozen up here to rent. While Justin spent read more »

Four Years With Jules

Nothing like having a new baby to make your first baby seem like such a big kid. It probably doesn’t help that he turned four just a month after the new baby. So far, four years has been…different. Jules is still into trains but he’s branching out into legos, building blocks, riding bikes, trucks and read more »

Proof that Marlo is Jules’ Mini Me


The Big Brother

Jules has been a great big brother. He has his moments of not being so great but for the most part, he loves his sister and hasn’t really complained when we’ve asked for his help. We’ve talked to Jules about being gentle with Marlo especially when he gives hugs. He tends to hug her head read more »