Marlo at 16 Months

DSC_1751Oh boy you had some major developments this month! Within a week you went from hating to stand up at any time to pulling up and cruising along the couch and crib. We lowered your crib (finally) and pretty much every morning, you’re standing up and ready to go. You are walking with your grocery cart, our hands and along the couch like it’s no big deal. Sometimes you even try to stand up in the tub! You also decided to try crawling to see how much faster you can go versus scooting. Scooting is faster but you do crawl now.


Grandma Marsh has been in town and she’s been sharing your room. Sometimes you forget she’s in your room until you see her in the morning. Then you’re quiet and shy. Your baby mohawk is gone and now your hair is forever in your eyes. I can’t quite cut it yet so I use a bow to pull it out of your face. You’re getting much more comfortable wearing them and you don’t immediately pull them out.


You’ve got new words too. You say mama, cheese, night-night, there and other random words like choo-choo (sounds like  “shoo-shoo”). You’ve added new signs too. Bird, wash hands, light.

You think Grandma’s puppy Sookie is funny and thankfully she’s very, very gentle with you. Jules on the other hand has gotten somewhat rough with you, mostly when he wants you out of his room. You’ll scream if he is bothering or annoying you and he’ll cry that you’re in his room. Sometimes he’ll knock you down and you’ll be fine but you still scream at the unfairness of it and I’ll have to break you two up.


At your 15 month check-up you weighed 15 pounds 2 ounces and you grew 2 inches in 3 months. You are all legs and with all the scooting and cruising you’ve thinned out a lot. Your 4th tooth broke through on the bottom. It’s still inching up and causing you some pain. Good times!

You laugh at random things (like me!) and you make faces (like dad!). You play with trains, dolls, balls, and anything Jules is playing with.

We get so excited for the little and big milestones and are amazed at how great they are, as if we’re experiencing them for the first time. We just adore and love you so much sweet Marlo. Sweet 16 (months)!


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