Marlo at 10 Months


Oh my sweet and sassy Marlo. You are one-of-kind with your head-bobs, cute giggles, face-slapping, ball throwing arm, not wanting to eat then, OMG feed me now attitude. We love your personality.


You’ve decided to go on a nursing strike. Not a good thing because I’m trying to pump and nurse as often as possible so you have enough milk for an upcoming trip I have. You don’t seem to care that its a supply and demand thing. So I wake up around 3 am to pump an extra bottle. I’m worn out!


You’re really going for things that are just beyond your reach. One day you’ll figure out how to get those toys you toss like you’re playing fetch with Scully.


Pretty sure you’ve gained a couple ounces. But I wouldn’t know. The scale I bought doesn’t work anymore. So the last weigh was 13.12 ounces. To say you’re little is an understatement. (For comparison: Jules was 20lbs (50%) at 10 months.)


You love food. LOVE IT! Dad and I have only found a couple things you don’t like: pears and green beans. You get to try all sorts of things, probably things you shouldn’t try, but we follow you and if its a problem then we make a note.

Happy double digits sister!

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