Marlo at 11 Months


Little sister, where has the time gone?! In a few short weeks you’ll be 1. One! Looking back, you’ve been the easiest, most sweetest baby even when you’re face-slapping. I’ve only had to tell you NO twice. Both times when you bit me. And both times you did the slow cry with the pouty lower lip. I felt bad (and you looked so cute) but you learned not to do that again.

While your clothes fit in length, there’s still lots of room around the belly. We find you jimmy your legs out of your jammies every morning. So the morning always brings us a surprise. Are your legs in or out? We should start betting. These blue and white jammies fit Jules at 9 months. He filled them out right away. You, as you can see, still have a lot of room left.

You love to sit up and you do a scoot of sorts. You reach and reach forward to the point where you’re basically doing the splits. If you just tuck one leg under, you’d be able to reach even further. But while you’re reaching you manage a scoot. It’s really impressive.


You LOVE books right now. You love to flip the pages and jabber like you’re reading one. You are such a talker. We love to hear you talk with your sweet voice. I give you a book to read in bed and you jabber while flipping the pages. You’re pretty content in the morning, waking up and reading a book or playing with your blanket.

The only person to make you really belly laugh is Jules. I can tickle you and you belly laugh but whatever Jules does you think is hilarious. So I ask him from time to time to entertain you while I’m busy with dinner or something that needs my attention. You think he’s just the best and he loves to make you laugh.

I pulled out a bunch of his old baby toys and you think this toy is awesome (as Jules did).


These are sadly, our last pictures with you and Scully. She was just too sick to keep going so we said our goodbyes to her. I’m thankful you had 11 months with her. We miss her even more when we have to sweep under your high chair. A chore I never had to do with Jules.




My sweet girls.

It’s been fun to document both of you with Scully. We’ve survived a lot lately and the first year is always tough. Thankfully, you’ve been so accommodating and agreeable. I’d do a hundred first years with you sweet Marlo. I’m excited to celebrate your birthday next month!

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