All this to say February sucks and then it doesn’t

I have lots of stuff to talk about but its been so hard to get anything done lately. I’ve probably stretched myself a bit thin with my time. Its hard to juggle a husband, kids, full time job, picking up another gig on the side, volunteering my time for a conference, swim lessons, tennis lessons, vet appointments. It doesn’t leave much time for the things I really want to do but that’s the season right now.

And speaking of the season…this has been the coldest winter since I’ve moved here (and apparently in many many years). School has been cancelled 3 times. Make up days are happening so they don’t have to go to school until July. The 3 feet of snow in my yard is now dirty and gross looking. February, at its best.

Let’s start with Scully

After her amputation she was doing well. Then right around Christmas (2 days before Christmas to be exact) she was shaking, not eating or drinking and she bit me when I picked her up. Long story short, we thought it’d be a crappy Christmas. She rebounded and was well enough to start her meds. Fast forward a month. While the medication thankfully had no side-effects she did grow new tumors so we switched to a different version. She’s now been on that for 2 weeks and even more tumors have popped up. And she’s having more episodes where she’s most likely having seizures, lethargy, unable to walk, etc etc etc. All bad, really. So the decision will have to be made pretty soon I feel. That’s painful for me.

Marlo the Wee One

On the other side of the emotional spectrum I have my darling baby girl who smiles the biggest smile when she sees me. I’m about 3 weeks late with her 9 month post but I did get the photos taken! And speaking of photos, we had her infant photos taken with the talented Christina McCormick at Bellasaluti and of course, they are amazing.



She’s healthy, very happy, loves Scully, Jules, me and Justin and is pretty smiley at anyone who smiles at her. Such a different baby than Jules who would look suspiciously at you if you smiled at him. He trusted no one.

Jules the Giver

I’m not always going to share things about my kids but when it’s sweet and showcases their good side, then I’m happy to share. Last night Jules was picking a treat out from his Valentine bag to have after dinner. He asked Justin, “Which one would you like, Dad?” Justin said, “That Twix looks good.” and Jules handed it over saying, “here you go.” No prompting. Just a giver.

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