Marlo at 9 Months

It was all about your mouth this month. Lots of new foods and 2 new teeth! In December, you tried to grab puffs and didn’t really have the hang of it. By 9 months old, you have it mostly mastered. You’ll reach for something using your thumb and index finger and you successfully make the connection to your mouth.


You want everything in your mouth. It made sense once two little bottom teeth popped through. Just like Jules, you got two teeth at once. You weren’t too crabby but you did want to put everything in your mouth. And it’s the cutest thing to hear you crunch a cracker. That’s your favorite thing to do.



You eat a lot. At one meal you can eat a couple crackers, a whole banana and you’ll still nurse. You also love toast, ritz crackers, Cheerios, peas, bananas, avocado, chicken, graham crackers, vegetable medley, sweet potatoes, black beans and ice cream. You hate pears and green beans. We’ve tried a few other things but those are the two you really don’t like. Jules hated green beans too.


You sleep 12 hours at night with 2 naps during the day. You take naps great at Grandma’s but we’re a little gun shy with traveling with you after our Vegas trip. Maybe we’ll try again sometime.


You’re no longer a cuddler. You’ve got things to do and don’t have time to relax and rock in the chair. You think sitting in the rocking chair is funny. Actually, you think a lot of things are funny. Pretty sure I know where you got that from. You’re a loud talker and babble all the time. You also hum!


You’re a little more mobile with your scooting and rolling. I have a feeling you’ll be rolling around like Jules did before even attempting to crawl.


You still don’t look like a 9-month-old. You’ll be the smallest 1-year-old in a couple months. Eek! Slow down sister! Happy 9-months sweet cheeks.

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