On Why I’m Boycotting Target, My Favorite Store

When I first heard of the hacking situation at Target I wasn’t really surprised because shopping in general is a risk we all take. Our basic information is up for grabs everywhere we go. That’s what we give away in order to shop with plastic. But days later when Target still hadn’t really fessed up to it, I started to wonder “why not.” Target was letting me down by ignoring the situation.

Finally, an email confirming the hack and what they planned to do.

“Meh, I’ll be fine.” I thought.

Then more news came out stating that the hack was worse than Target let on. Saying it affected more people and more data. But Target still waited too long, in my opinion to even say that was true. I got an email about 4 days later confirming this new information.

With information flowing so fast, Target should have jumped right on the bandwagon and notified everyone as soon as the news reported it, or even before. If Target can’t release the information willingly, they shouldn’t sit around waiting for the news to break and more importantly, not admit to it for days afterwards. Shame!

We’re loyal customers for many reasons. This boycott is only for the month of January. And you know what? I’ve actually found it refreshing to shop at other stores. I’ve taken this time to think about the things I buy and who I buy from. My bank account also loves me for it. Maybe I’ll continue to see how long I can go without shopping at Target. I’m sure I’ll get into my old habits of a once-a-week trip because I do love Target, but for another week or so, it’s off the list.

I like to save money. So maybe this hack was a good thing because I’m saving so much money NOT shopping at Target, it’s ridiculous!




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