Culturally Influenced

Justin and I are very proud parents. People are constantly commenting on what a good boy Jules is, so well behaved and of course, cute. Yes, he has manners. Yes, he’s polite and sweet. But let me tell you about his sassy side.

When he’s not in the mood for me to be home from work (it happens), he’ll tell me “You go to work.” But this isn’t any regular demand. He does it “Indian style.”

This isn’t the sit cross-legged “Indian style.” I can only have Russell Peters show it. (Skip to 2:39 and go from there.) (Minor NSFW)

I can personally guarantee he has NOT seen Russell Peters, but we do hang around Indian people. And honestly, not enough to really impact his actions. But I guess what he does see is enough for him to do it. The head angle, the hands pointing away or twisting at me all the while saying “You go to work.”

Basically take Russell’s “Take it and go” and replace it with Jules saying “You go to work.” He’s got the movements down.

Honestly, I can’t take him seriously when he’s doing it. I want to laugh but when it’s a mean comment, I tell him how he’s hurting my feelings. But really, it’s hilarious.

He also does the smug move. The one where he makes a comment then closes his eyes when he’s being smug. (Ala South Park – and I can also guarantee he doesn’t watch South Park. It’s Thomas all the time at our house.)

I guess you could say we’re doing our job getting him out in the world to experience various cultures – except smugness is not a culture.

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